Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sangjit: The Day of Giving

Sang means give, Jit means day. . . For Chinese, Sangjit used to be the day when the dowry is received. These days, it becomes the day when the groom's family presents gifts to the bride and vice versa. My cousin, Joanne was glowing at her Sangjit. The fun and awesome idea of having everyone where Kebaya (traditional Peranakan clothing) created an ambience of color, fun, and unity.

Here's Joanne. . . this outfit is not a solo effort.

I love her buns!

My Aunty Anna & cousin Josie. . . looking lovely.

This is the bride giving me a demure look.

Even the doggy was dressed up!

My little nieces has matching outfits.
So tough not to photograph a million shots of them.

Yummy Indonesian food on a very Peranakan plate.


Esther Julee said...

the hair is too cute! i love the patterns on the clothes too.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos.