Tuesday, April 29, 2008

SRL Next Level Caribbean

Signing up for the Scott Robert Next Level Caribbean Workshop IS, by far, one of my smartest moves. Aside from learning a lot from a great wedding photographer, I also met other brilliant photographers and made friends. With new skills in hand and more ideas and things to work on, I feel incredibly empowered.

Fun in the sun, lots of learning and playing. . . just doing what you love, and having like-minded people there helping you hone your skills to perfection. . . I almost feel guilty for having so much fun. Can this really be considered work? I sometimes see this as play with benefits. HAHAHA! Well, one thing for sure, at least with this career path, I'll be a ton healthier than my previous choice of chef-hood.

Anyway, the above link here are some pix from the workshop.

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